the basics

I read somewhere once that the true test of a great chef is cooking a simple egg.

An egg?  AN EGG?  Seems a little basic, no?  But that’s exactly it — sometimes we get lost in the flourishes and embellishments and forget that the one thing that truly makes something work is a thorough understanding of, well, the basics.

Same goes for design.  Sure, you can lens flare and bevel and warp until the cows come home, but if you lack an understanding of the typography and color and spacial relations — design “eggs” if you will — that certain je ne sais quoi that you’re trying so hard to achieve becomes just a very superficial je ne sais blah.

What else do I bring to the table?  Passion.  Passion for design, passion for learning, and passion for life.  I have over twelve years of experience which spans the gamut of graphic design from print to digital communications and includes advertising design, custom product development, layout design, and production work for clients ranging from local mom and pop shops to globally-recognized brands.  

I love eggs.  I love design eggs.  And I never crack under pressure.  I love understanding the basics and establishing from those basic principles a strong foundation upon which my designs can tell their stories, find their voices, and achieve the objectives they were born to achieve.

To see what I can really do for you and your brand, drop me a line through my contact page.  Or just write me a note for the heck of it.  Either way, let's get in touch.